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I’m Oscar, a  63 years old fellow who graduated from petroleum engineering 40 years ago and did some postgraduate studies in applied maths. I joined  Schlumberger Wireline – an international oil  services company – and worked for them in several locations in Latin America. If there is something you MUST have to be able to work for Schlumberger is a Service Attitude and they really work with you to improve it every single day. They also maintained an ongoing training program which was (still is?) second to none in the industry. Besides the money, which wasn’t bad at all, I left Schlumberger with 2 habits which have served me well in my life, I always walk an extra mile while providing a service and I keep studying and learning new skills .

After Schlumberger I bought a Burroughs B25 – probably very few of you know what I’m talking about – along with half a ton of books on COBOL programming language and started a small data processing business in Cordoba, Argentina. Then came the PC era, business went OK and I was happy until I wasn’t happy anymore. I bought a trailer for my Kawasaki 650 KLX, sold my business and started a 2 years journey in my very loyal Volkswagen Gol from Cordoba, Argentina all the way down to Puerto Month, south Chile then to Tumbes at the border between Peru and Ecuador and  back to Cordoba. I’ll probably blog about that trip some day and what it meant to me, but let me tell you for now that it was a marvelous experience.

The reality is what it is so, I went back to Venezuela, my home country, where I started all over again, knowing well in advance that I wasn’t  in the right track. I had already done that but….  there is always a but.

And along came the online business idea. I knew it was The Path for me but couldn’t quite figure it out. Tried several options which almost burned all the fuel I had left at the tender age of 60. My stubborn character helped me to keep trying. I’m far from being a wizard or a genius but my question was WHY in God’s earth, why it seemed to work for everybody else but not for me?  Finally, after trying once and again, I landed in Wealthy Affiliate, you  should go ahead and check it yourself.


Today I’m so happy that makes me wonder if it’s sinful. I have a great project: to be self-employed in something I totally love, working from home, doing my best to help others to have a shorter path to success than mine and earning money in the process. In my free time I enjoy spending a couple of hours in my favorite book shop, I love science-fiction and have a natural affinity with Zen philosophy, I like going to movies with my wife and, although I know I shouldn’t, I enjoy Tony Roma’s ribs a bit more than would be advisable. I try to make it up to my body with a little Orbitrecking a couple of times a week. Once a day I take 10 minutes to look and think about the image on the right.

I would like very much hearing from you, please let me know what you think;  if you want to get in touch with me just drop me a comment at Wealthy Affiliate, where I spend quite a lot of time working and trying to help others, this is a link to my profile

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