What Assets we’ll need?


Generally speaking, an asset is  a valuable thing or quality that you own or benefit from.  In your way to online success you’ll require and mobilize resources like investment capital, knowledge, contacts, publicity and a few others.

Regardless of the line of work  that you choose, time and energy  will be your main assets. Next you’ll be needing Knowledge, it will allow you to transform your time and energy into money which is nothing else than another form of energy. It has always been true and it is especially true in our times, you must Know in order to be able to Do.

Talking about online activity, it is obviously necessary to have access to a computer with an internet connection and a reasonable computer literacy, resources that you  already have as you are reading this page. I put that on writing just to make you notice that you don’t necessarily must own the resource as long as you can benefit from it. Having said that, let’s take a closer look at the main assets you’ll be needing.

There is no free lunch; if nothing else you’ll be investing your time which is expendable. There is no way – at the current state of science – that you can recover it after using it.

Capital for Online Jobs

If you go for any of the Online Jobs options, you’ll have to invest money to cover expenses like electricity, internet connection, computer rental or depreciation – depending if you own the computer or not – and you should consider that for any Work at Home job your contractor isn’t paying any extra money to cover those expenses.

Capital for Online Business

If you go for an Online Business I suggest that you give serious consideration to having your own website – your own space on the internet. There are other ways to do it but, trust me on this, you’ll get to the point where you’ll realize that it’s absolutely necessary, not to mention that your own site gives you a different status in the eyes of your future customers. The following prices are estimated for a small business owner.

  • Domain Name – $10/year
  • Hosting – $10 to $100 a year – Depends heavily on traffic and hosting services.
  • Web Planning, Design and Development  – $1500  and up – Depends on requirements.
  • Continued Website Maintenance and Marketing – $400 a month and up  – Depends on the updates required and marketing effort.

All this expenses could be dramatically reduced if you do the required work yourself,  but let’s make it clear, the fact that you don’t do any disbursement doesn’t mean at all that you are not having the expense, it’s just that you are paying yourself. Joining a community, sharing resources, and doing the work yourself could bring your disbursement down to less than $400 a year. You can see exactly how this could be done reading my post about Wealthy Affiliate


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