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The best responsive theme for your WordPress Website!


When you choose the theme for your WordPress website,  you are defining  the way its elements will be coordinated, how they will work together to give a pleasing experience to your visitors. At the same time you are giving them a clear indication of your website content and  purpose.  A well designed theme is a key factor for a website success, it will reinforce its subject.

A point that just cant’ be left aside in our mobile internet era, we want to be sure of giving our visitors the best possible experience regardless of their browsing technology. The experience should be equally pleasing either if he browses from a 48″ desktop monitor or from a 5″ display cell phone. You want your theme to be responsive, meaning that it should adapt to your viewer’s screen size. I’ll be reviewing 30 of the best responsive wordpress themes available in the market aiming to help you in the choice of the perfect theme for your website.

Real Estate Rentals Exterior Design Services
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Exterior Design Bureau Communications & Technology
53590-wp-fe-b 53485-wp-fe-b
Architectonic Design Travel & Personal
53372-wp-fe-b 53764-wp-fe-b
Security Systems Architectural Company
53386-wp-fe-b 53381-wp-fe-b
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  • It is a great post! I will be looking forward for your next reviews))

    • Thanks for your comment Allison.
      It’s easy to do a good review having a good product to work with.
      I have some other goodies to show, I’ll keep you posted.
      Best wishes

  • Roland

    Thanks for reviewing these themes. It’s always daunting choosing a theme when setting up a WordPress website.

    As you point out it’s very important that the theme works on all devices not just larger screens. I do like using WordPress as it takes a lot of hassle out of website building.

    • Oscar Schult

      Thanks Roland. Your website design is the one thing you can’t take lightly if you are seeking online success. Its image and performance, in word its theme, are key factors that can’t be neglected. I’m glad that you liked the reviews. I’m intending to keep them alive adding new themes every week.

      Best wishes

  • Fisher

    You’ve done a wonderful job for webmasters. By giving a descriptive title to each of the WP themes on your list, you’ve helped people to easily find the most suitable one for their business. If I ever need a new theme, particularly architecture related, I’ll certainly come to check with your recommendations.

    Of course, if the list could be a bit longer with more themes to cater for more different niches, that will even be better.

    • Oscar Schult

      Hi Fisher, thanks a lot for your comment. Point taken. I’m working on opening options for different niches.

      Best wishes

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