Do I have what it takes?

From the very beginning of your journey towards financial freedom, you will find the next traits are very desirable. Some of them you might already have either as a natural aptitude or as an acquired ability. An important part of your effort should be put into acquiring and developing them. The list could be easily expanded and I believe it would be an excellent exercise for you to do so.


You do want to be self-employed, right? So who’s going to be the boss?  You, right? So you MUST have discipline. Nobody is going to tell you what and when to do anything (thank God for that) but things must be done and YOU must make it happen. This brings a 2nd trait …

Self Driven

You will have to wake up and work, and work, and work. Self-Employment is not about relaxing and taking it easy, it’s about working your soul out to make things happen.  And no matter in which line of work you choose to develop yourself you’ll be needing …


This is a KEY trait. Keeping things organized allows you to get them done in a proper and timely way. Work is (or should be) just a part of your life, an important part, but just a part; otherwise there isn’t much difference with slavery. Organizing your work and your time allows you live a much more rewarding life with time for you, and your family and for whatever you may want to have some free time. You’ll find that organization leads to providing a better service, which brings our next trait…

Service Attitude

It’s no secret that a satisfied customer is very likely to be a returning customer and if not for anything else that’s why  you really want to make your customers happy.  A returning customer means money without going by all the process of gaining his trust and confidence. I guess you could give away whatever service you are planning to provide but even in that case if it is a lousy service your customer won’t be returning. Good service is a fundamental component for success and for that you should grow that attitude. Finally,  we reach to a VERY important trait….


Please trust me on this, no matter how hard you work, how organized you may be or how service oriented you get, there will be moments where you’ll feel like kicking the board in a chess game. It’s only natural. Success doesn’t rain from the sky our pours like a fountainhead. Success only comes after trying and trying again and for that you will need determination.

So, what then?

If you reached  this point you are probably wondering … what’s Oscar trying to do? , get rid of competition? No, my friend, I’m just trying to make sure that you understand that Self-Employment is no picnic.  But enough of bad news, let’s try some good ones now. I found that it’s a lot easier when you are not alone in your journey, when you are able to share your frustrations, get help when needed and, as I was told not so long ago, to be able to ask the ones who are in their way back when you want to know how is the road ahead.  I found all that and much more in Wealthy Affiliate, a community of like-minded Self-Employes working in the Internet Affiliate Entrepreneurship. I found so much with them that it really makes no sense to try to write all down.  Be sure that you won’t be asked for a single penny, credit card or anything of the sort. You’ll be able to try it without any charge as long as you want.  But don’t take my word for it. Take a look at the kind of community I’m talking about seeing for yourself a post by one of the members, Check it out here

Here is to you.. my fellow entrepreneur!!!!

I would very much like hearing from you, please let me know what you think.

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  • Very well put. It’s so true that we need to Realize the work we need to put in. But for me, that makes it better. It gives you reason to feel good about yourself, proud. Its like, look at me, I’ve done something great. The work hours may or may not be the same as a normal job (up to you), but how nice is it to make your own schedule, plan your vacation without worry, take a freakin sick day if need be instead of making everyone else sick (sickness spreads way too fast already lol), and, no commute. You don’t even have to shower till 5pm if you want :-p.
    Nice post. I love how it all transitions into the next character trait.

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