Regardless of which trade you choose,  you must educate yourself  in its concepts and techniques and certainly online Online Business or Jobs are not an exemption. There are thousands of online education options  – real and not so real – and  you should pay close attention to the selection process. Having said that, and going back to the Income Categories already reviewed, I’ll give you some options for each one of them.

Online Business

Affiliate Marketing


I’m totally convinced that this is the way to go. It certainly is the most demanding option, but at the same time it’s the most rewarding. On top of that there is on the internet a clear, step by step, totally free to try way to educate yourself in all the related aspects of this business and it is Wealthy Affiliate.

You can take a peek into their training arena at  WA Bootcamp

Online Jobs

The necessary training will differ substantially from one line of work to another but very seldom it will be given by the company that contracts you and if they do, you won’t get paid for the time required  to learn the trade. I believe that’s a general rule with very few, if any, exemptions.

Search Engine Evaluator

The companies that hires evaluators train them in order to give them the necessary skills and experience but the time required for such training isn’t paid. I have no personal experience about the quality of such training because I never applied to any of those companies, but you will find in many reviews that it works just as I reported.

Phone Call Reviewer

For this job, there isn’t any formal training. It is desirable but not required to be Spanish-English bilingual, but it is only for a certain type of calls. Most of the calls are plain English and if you are an attentive listener and know how to click a mouse you are all set to go.

Audio and Video Transcriptions

No training is received from the companies, but you are supposed to have the necessary skills to do a good job. It means that you should be able to type between 50 and 80+ words per minute depending on the company and have a decent knowledge of the vocabulary for  the specialty you are planning to work on. Your grammar, language, and reading  skills must be second to none and you must know your way about word processors.

I would very much like hearing from you, please let me know what you think.

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