How to Sell Affiliate Products Online – Here is the deal!

What is Online Affiliate Marketing anyway?

To understand how to sell affiliate products online let’s see first what online affiliate marketing is. Marketing is the process that takes products and services from a Concept or Idea to the Customer. The marketer builds a concept about a product/service in order to attract the potential customers into acquiring it. Now, Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing in which vendors pay a commission to their related partners -affiliates- to build that concept and attract the customers. Finally, Online Affiliate Marketing is the type of affiliate marketing that is done using the Internet. It is Performance based because the commission is paid only if the client purchases the product.

Supply and demand.

Although some companies don’t give their affiliate marketing program the same category they do to other marketing channels, the truth is affiliate marketing brings a very high percent of their revenues to the companies that realize their ROI is ridiculously high when compared with the other channels.

On the other hand, more and more people, like you and me, look for a way to make a living on the internet, and affiliate marketing is a very interesting option, you can see my post about it here Online Business.

So, there is a supply and there is a demand, there should be no question about the potential for both sides. Let’s look now at our side, the affiliate side.

Is there an easy answer to our How To question?

Best Affiliate Marketing Training

How Can I Sell Affiliate Products?

As you are reading this post – and I do thank you for it! – I take that you already started to search for a way into affiliate marketing and let me congratulate you for that. Leaving aside all the hype, it can be a very lucrative activity and it only has ONE secret, PASSION. Passion is the secret that will make your dreams come true.

When you have passion everything is easy, the hours devoted to work on your passion are always short, and the energy you put into it is always less. Before you go ahead do yourself a favor and think about that one thing that you like, the one thing you love doing or learning about it. In Wealthy Affiliate we call it your Niche.

So, what is an Affiliate Marketing Niche?

Simply put, an Affiliate Marketing Niche is an audience, a group of people having the same question and using their browsers search engine to find an answer on the Internet. Think on  the things you know a little about and would like to know a bit more. There are almost 3 billion people with high internet connections so just imagine what are the chances that there will be quite a few of them wanting to know about the same thing.

Keep imagining and see yourself as a helper, the guy next corner that will give them answers and even advice over their questions. Can you imagine that? Yes? Congratulations again, you found your passion and your audience at the same time.

You don’t need to be an expert on the subject, just be sure that you would like to become one. Being an expert is a matter of time once you get started to work to make your dream come true. Do you think that Einstein was born an expert in nuclear physics? NO, he worked his way through the Experts of his time and kept trying and trying and gradually became a better expert himself, some expert eh?

OK Oscar, I know what my Passion is, what’s next?.

When it comes to finding an answer on how to sell affiliate products online and we start searching the web for an answer, most of us bump into a brick wall. It seems like  we should master an endless list of skills, buy tons of software and services, and read unlimited articles  just to be able to get started.  The good news is that it isn’t a brick wall, It just looks like one. Like in any other business, there is work to do and it has complexities, but, if you have a road map everything starts to evolve nicely and smoothly. We can resume the relevant points behind the affiliate marketing business in the following list

How to Sell Affiliate Products

How to Sell a Product Online?

  • You have a passion.
  • There are thousands of products on the internet associated with your passion, some of them you might have already tried.
  • There are merchants – Amazon is just one of them – selling those products with an affiliate program into which you register as an affiliate.
  • There are almost 3 billion people searching the internet for products, many of them the same products associated with your passion, that will be your audience.
  • In their search they reach your website where you help them understand what the product is, how it can really help them, and lead them to the Amazon website where they buy it.
  • Amazon pays you a commission for your marketing effort.

Lets fill in the details now.

No need to say that was just an outline,  but filling in the details is a little bit to much for one post – for many posts really – so the best thing for me to do is to show you what I found. The first task would be learning the affiliate marketing business  and choosing a good, sorry not a good but the best place to learn about it. I published on article addressing that question on  How to Learn Affiliate Marketing Online.

You see, once I was exactly where you are now and I know that there are many questions, many doubts that haunt you.  I know it because I felt them. I searched once and again and was never sure. I knew my passion –  Information Technology – but didn’t have a clue about how to channel it. I was ready to give up when I found it. Please follow me into this link –Wealthy Affiliate– where I’ll let you know what I found and how it can be of benefit for you.

If you have any additional questions, please ask in the comments area below, I would love to hear from you, please let me know what’s on your mind




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  • Very nice review of the several major points to affiliate marketing. You write well and are very engaging. Keep up the good work!


  • Jean

    Hi, Oscar. Thank you for writing this article on affiliate marketing and what it is. I have many people ask what it is that I do and I always fail to explain it fully.

    Your explanation is superb, and I will be referring people to your article for clarification.

    I think if you find a niche that you are passionate about, you can always find programs to join their affiliate programs. Thanks for clarifying how to sell affiliate products online!

    • Oscar Schult

      Thanks Jean. That’s what I like the most about affiliate marketing, you work in something you love and at the same time you help people to find useful information about things they love. The moment I understood the essence of Affiliate Marketing I knew it was my future, I just can’t imagine anything better than making a living by writing for the benefit of my readers.

      Best wishes


  • Dmitriy

    Hi Oscar,

    Nicely done!

    I think all the newbies who begin their Internet marketing journey have lots of doubts about how all of this will work out. I’m one of them, although I’ve already spent quite some time developing my Web site. Passion is THE MOST important thing, it will keep you going even when everything else fails. And it will carry you out to success, you just shouldn’t give up. Patience and persistence are your Passion’s little brothers who will help you on your road to financial independence.

    • Oscar Schult

      Well, thank you Dmitry, I got a bit confused when I started to read your comment, I thought it was my writing!!

      I couldn’t agree more with you, Passion is the secret, if you believe in something and you are passionate about it, nothing can possibly stop you.

      Best regards,


  • Rolandas

    Nice article about affiliate marketing. You have covered the basics of affiliate marketing and it’s going to be good for beginners !
    Out of all the ways to make money online, I believe that affiliate marketing is the best one. There’s no other method that could lead to a big income like affiliate marketing.

    • Oscar Schult

      Hi Rolandas, I very much appreciate you took the time to go over my article. I know exactly how it feels when you are looking for an online activity and can’t make up your mind over so many options and that’s why I wrote the article, trying to help others to make an informed decision.

      Best wishes,


  • Mahmood

    It’s good to be passionate about what you are doing. It is very enjoyable to do something you like and earn profits from it.
    I do a little affiliate work too. And I always choose the best products that can be really helpful for the buyers. So, I take my time choosing the products to promote.

    • Oscar Schult

      Thanks for your comment Mahmood, I couldn’t agree more with you.

      Time has a different meaning when you are doing something you like. Besides, you get a very warm feeling on doing something that helps somebody else. It’s never to late to get started and I feel very lucky about finding a great community at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Best wishes,


  • Chris

    This is a great resource that newbie marketers should really read before getting out there and wasting their time!
    People don’t seem to realize how much dedication it takes…well I didn’t when I first started out online!
    I especially like the way you covered an individuals passion – essential for easy content production!

    • Oscar Schult

      Thank you Chris. I believe it was the toughest obstacle in my way to affiliate marketing. I just couldn’t get it. Only my stubbornness kept me going until I found Wealthy Affiliate. I only one will-be affiliate marketer shortens his path because of this article I will be more than happy.

  • david

    well, I truly agree with u about the passion. I am here in wa only 4 days, finding myself hours over hours, lesson to lesson – craving for more and more information. it truly is a main goal- making money from your own website talking about whatever you want. I hope u succeed and wish u good luck

    • Oscar Schult

      Thanks for your comment and for your wishes David. I can see you are already flying. There is nothing like working hard for your dreams.

      Best wishes

  • Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Hello there Oscar , very good explanation on what is Affiliate Marketing and how it works.From the moment I got involved with this business model I was amazed.

    The opportunities are endless , there are millions of products to promote.The key though is to offer valuable and useful solutions.If someone only promotes for the sake of money soon he will get disappointed and lose reputation.

    This model works and it works pretty well but it requires some basic standards.Besides the knowledge it needs dedication and hard work.You have to pick a niche that you feel very comfortable , a passion as you clearly mentioned , and build a website around it.But be prepared for blogging , blog and then blog some little more.

    You chose a high competitive niche , just like me , but this is the real challenge.

    Very good for you to recommend Wealthy Affiliate , one of the greatest online portals around the globe,

    Good luck with your project here.

    • Oscar Schult

      Hey Tasos, thanks for your comment and support.

      I agree 100% with you about our choosing, it is a very competitive niche. I gave it a lot of consideration before diving in, but I’ve been working on this and several related niches for the last 20 years, so I do believe I have something to say about it.

      And yes, blogging is a must. For the time being I have to do it part-time, but I’m aiming to make it full-time by the end of this year. I’m more than happy with Wealthy Affiliate, I found here all I need to make that goal happen plus I’m enjoying VERY much truly belonging to a true community for the 1st time in my life, I have a lot to work on that sense.

      I wish you a lot of success, let’s make it happen!!


  • NemiraB

    Hello here. Thanks for providing information about affiliate marketing. At first these words seem confusing to those who never heard about it. Your explanation is clear and straight to point.
    I think it is a best way to have passive income when promoting somebody’s products. People look for various items on Internet. If they find these products through somebody’s website, this person who owns website, gets commission.
    I wish that your visitors would get information from you here and would be back ready to read more from you.
    All the best, Nemira.

    • Oscar Schult

      Thanks Nemira. There is so much misleading information on the Internet about Affiliate Marketing that I decided to publish an article about it, showing the truth to the best of my knowledge. I’m glad you liked it and I certainly wish my visitors come back for more information

      Best wishes

  • Bryan

    Thanks for this great write-up on affiliate marketing. I wish I had read this before I leaped into affiliate marketing.

    It really is freeing to not have to actually own and produce products in order to make money. Someday, I think I’d like to have my own product, but for now Affiliate Marketing is great.


    • Oscar Schult

      Hi Bryan, thanks for stopping by. I really can’t understand how in God’s earth took me so long to find Affiliate Marketing and Wealthy Affiliate for that matter. I mean, I have spent countless hours seeking for an online job or opportunity, even got scammed a couple of times. I think I’m going to build an Online directory of real opportunities to help people like me not to waste so much time and money.

      Best wishes.

  • Tera

    This was very helpful, insightful, and full of great information. Thank you for your reviews and tips they are most helpful especially to someone looking to make honest, legit money working from home. Your articles are very easy to read and understand which is nice because it’s easy to get confused if this is new to you. Thanks again!

    • Oscar Schult

      Thank you Tera for your kind comment. I do make an effort to bring all this affiliate marketing subject to plain English. I learnt from the best at Wealthy Affiliate and it makes it a bit easier for me.

  • Rigo

    I completely agree with you. Affiliate marketing has everything to do with passion. If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing and don’t even enjoy it. It’s going to feel like a whole lot of work and sometimes the results take a while to occur. So you might get frustrated because you don’t enjoy what you’re doing and don’t see any sales coming through. This will probably make you quit and that is not the point of affiliate marketing. You should write about something you are passionate about and have a great deal of knowledge on. As an affiliate marketer myself I enjoy what I do everyday and it is very fulfilling to see my work get results. However, if I wasn’t passionate about my niche I doubt I’d be where I am today.

    • Oscar Schult

      Thanks for stopping by Rigo. Yes, Passion is the key. Not only for affiliate marketing but for absolutely anything in our life. Your heart should be where your brains are.

      Best wishes

  • Jamie

    Excellent article Oscar! I truly mean that! After searching and searching for ways of making different sources of income I finally started looking into online marketing. I KNEW there would be a way of generating money through the internet so kept searching. When I decided that internet/online marketing was the way to go and what everyone was talking about, I tried to find out what it was all about. Everywhere I looked though, things were written in a language I was expected to already understand! Made me feel like I’d never get my head around it! What YOU have written here is SO helpful! It explained exactly that I needed to know. I thank you so very much for laying it out before me! Many thanks Oscar! Jamie.

    • Oscar Schult

      Thanks a lot for your kind comment Jamie. When I decided to write this article, my main objective was to let others know how what I found at WA. I’m glad it helped.

      Best wishes

  • Peter

    Some great information on affiliate marketing Oscar. It’s true if you have passion for the niche you have chosen this will make things a lot more enjoyable and easier. Along with this you need to work hard, be patient and be persistent.
    You can choose a niche in almost any subject so affiliate marketing could be for everyone. I find it’s a shame that so many people give up after just a few months because they haven’t made a sale. This takes time, that first sale might be just around the corner therefore you should never give up.
    All the best,

    • Oscar Schult

      Thanks for your comment Peter and thanks for the advice. You are 100% right, giving up is not an option. I hope the message gets viral within people interested in this fulfilling business.

      Best regards

  • John Rico

    I didn’t know that I can really earn using my passion. Actually I was raised with the thinking that I should find a job that is in line with academic subjects like math and science.
    Good thing I found this article. Is affiliate marketing really legit? I mean I don’t want to spend time and effort if it is not worth it.

    • Oscar Schult

      Hi John, thanks for asking. It is not only legit, is a great rewarding job.

      That said, I must tell you that it is no picnic. It takes work, and patience, and persistence. The good thing about working that you are passionate about is that you won’t feel the stress, you’ll be thrilled doing what you do.

      I learned at Wealthy Affiliate and I am totally happy with my choice. They, although by now I think on WA as US, really give you everything you need to succeed. I help ends meet Promoting Affiliate Products on Facebook, but is just a sideline until my blog is rounded up

      Best wishes

  • CarlM

    I found this to be a very interesting and informative read. It will serve as a great help for any one looking to get involved with Affiliate Marketing and give them a better understanding of what it is all about before deciding to make a decision as to whether it is something they would like to pursue or not!


    • Oscar Schult

      Thanks for your comment Carl. It is rewarding when your work helps others to have a better online experience. That’s why I promote Wealthy Affiliate. I learned how to do Affiliate Marketing with them and now I feel as contributing a small sandgrain to improve this business experience for others.

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