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While searching the web  for work from home, online business, online jobs and words by the sort, countless options will  pop-up and you will find, if not found already, that  it isn’t easy at all to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Some offers will be legit and others not so much. There are many sites devoted to rating those options so I’m not getting into that. If you want to know if a particular offer is legit just key its name along with the words “legit” or “scam” or “review” and you’ll have a lot of materials to read and decide by yourself.

I think that’s going to be much more helpful to resume my findings. I have created for myself to broad categories of absolutely legit income sources that I’m sharing with you right away.

  1. Online Business. In this category, you’ll start an online business of your own in one of the many  available ways. The main characteristic of this category is that the potential income has no predefined limit. The work that you do one day adds to the work you do the next and that way you grow a nice and steady residual line of income.
  2. Work from Home or Freelancing. In this category what really happens is that you are  contracted by a company or an individual to do a specific job and they will pay you a predefined amount of money. The potential income of this category is capped by the total amount of time that you can work on it. Each and every day you start from ZERO, there is no way to build a growing line of income because you are paid for your time.

I’m aware that this line of thinking might not be very popular for some companies, but I must be honest and tell you things the way I see them. Now I’ll go into a little detail into each category and give you the options, legit beyond questioning that I consider the best for each one of them and hopefully you’ll have a better idea about which suits you the best.

I would very much like hearing from you, please let me know what you think.

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