Know How Overview

Know How is not Optional!

LearningKnow How is at the core of any successful action. But knowing is not a state, knowing is a path, a lifetime journey, we all started learning at the cradle and we’ll never stop learning, either if we are aware of it or not.

It should be pretty clear that we must know to be able to do, and online activity is far from being an exemption. There is a wealth of knowledge out there that we’re going to need to succeed in the activity of our choice. Here, at Web Developer Net you’ll find a roadmap you can use in the search of that knowledge.

The map is not the territory…

That’s a very general statement containing a great truth. Knowing How to do things is not the same than actually doing them, but the better the map, the easier it’ll be for the traveller to reach his destination. Let’s start our research by taking a look at the knowledge we’ll be needing if we want to succeed.

  • Resources – Assets. It’s a good idea to know what we’ll be needed in terms of disbursement, equipment, labor, and expenses.  Find more about the assets you’ll need going to Needed Assets on this website.
  • Character Traits. There are a few basic character traits or abilities which are  worth having when you intend to run your own show, discipline and determination among others, but a take look into a more detailed list of  desirable traits at our page  Character Traits.
  • Expertise. It’s impossible to overstate the importance of knowing the technical aspects and acquiring the skills related with the activity of your choice. It’s impossible as well to have a full map for them, this an area of continuous change and improvement. I’m totally convinced that the best way to be continuously updated is to be part of a community that allows it’s members to obtain hands-on experience. Find more information about how to learn the skills you need at Expertise
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