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How to do Facebook Advertising

When it comes to affiliate marketing it makes a lot of sense to define your passion, blog about it, and monetize your blog. It is a very fulfilling activity which I actively promote and work on. It is a lifestyle and I successfully learned how to do it in Wealthy Affiliate

But the average entrepreneur, and I count myself between them, has several interests, and the need, if not the urge, to make some money in the process. I found that building an income from blogging in a short time is not a realistic goal so I started to look for a parallel source of income within the affiliate marketing industry.

Anybody that has been around affiliate marketing for a while knows  there are LOTS of products to be promoted and there is a high chance that many of those products fall within their interests, so I started to look for a way to promote those products without going through the full process of building a blog.

I found Atlas, Facebook’s Advertising Platform, and the idea was set. In a nutshell, the process is to look for affiliate products in any affiliate marketing network that you fancy and promote them at Facebook’s Atlas. Once you know what to do, the whole process only takes a few hours a week allowing you to cash some money to keep the wheels turning without consuming a lot of the time you need to properly build you blog.

This is what I found about Atlas

Let me give you some facts about Facebook’s Ad Platform.

  • The Ad creator allows you to build a great ad in less than an hour being the image the most important side of it. The one at the bottom of this post is my first ad ever. I know it isn’t GREAT but I’m fairly satisfied with it, specially because it has already given me a few extra bucks.
  • The creator program allows less than 300 characters counting the header and the ad text. This might be a little challenging for bloggers like me used to write 1000 words articles, but at the end  you learn how to. It is very fast to build an ad.
  • There are very few variables to consider when you are trying to build an effective campaign which makes it very easy to understand.
  • The Platform allows you to target your audience by several categories and subcategories within them, please see the image.
  • atlas-platforma
  • The platform has  a very reasonable bidding system. The ads are not cheap, but you can set a campaign for as low as $5/day and manage it with a very good  campaign manager. You can suspend an ad and change your campaign on the go, allowing you to test it with different audiences and budgets.
  • The platform makes it very easy to scale your winners and kill your losers, allowing you to effectively manage your costs. If you have ever tried online trading, you know what I’m talking about.

How did I learn about it?

Learn how to do Facebook Advertising

Well, I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn’t have a clue about how to do it. Of course Facebook’s Atlas has a great help system, but as with many other websites, I suspected their help system could be a little bit biased in their favor so I decided to look for training somewhere else. After a little window shopping  I found FB Traffic Rush,  a course written by Martin Williams, which took me by the hand from choosing an affiliate product on Clickbank to cashing my first commission.

I really don’t see the point in explaining the course in this article when Martin has a great and honest sales pitch here.

If you are like me, in the need of some cash while building your blog, or you want to learn how to make a good extra buck by promoting other affiliate products than the one closest to your heart, take a look at it. Of course the link will put a little extra money in my pocket if you buy it, but please be assured that it is not the main purpose of this article, I am sure  you’ll learn all that you need to start profitably promoting products on Facebook.

A small warning. He offers you the silver version for $9.95 and, right after you buy it,  he has an upsell of $37 for the platinum version. I really don’t like upsells very much, but trust me on this, the final price of  $46.95 (9.95 + 37.00) is totally worth.  Two days after finishing the course I had My First Facebook Ad running (isn’t it a beauty!?), four days later I had my first sale, 5 days later I had recovered the cost of the course, and  15 days later I had paid for it several times. It is interesting to note that the first 2 days after publishing the ad I didn’t get a single click, so I went to the manager following what I had learned and changed the audience to Europe and Australia, and BANG! it started rolling.

If you go for it, please let me know how did it go for you

Best wishes

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  • Jameset

    Hello Syntesys. I just finished reading your first blog and I was a little confused at first. I initially thought it was about organic vegetables and the pictures were encouraging. Then I went on and I thought it was about your costs. Then I was not sure if you were selling me his course, which of course is his job. So you held my interest finding out what was up but you may want to separate those issues into different blogs. I plan to follow you and pick up your tips on gardening!

    • Oscar Schult

      Hi Jameset, thanks for your comment. I’m sorry you got confused, I thought the title of the article was clear enough and the image caption made pretty clear it was my first ad.

      You were the first to comment this particular article, but if you take a look at the site you will see that it has nothing to do with gardening.

      And finally, I’m not selling anything to anybody. I made clear that the link would put some little money on my pocket as it would put some in anybody who likes this method. If you are 100% a SEO guy, good for you, but some of us try different methods to promote our products.

      Best wishes

  • Hannah

    Sounds like a great idea for getting that little bit of extra cash. My main concern here would be that the expenses would outweigh the earnings. From my understanding it costs more to advertise to the UK and USA. Is that true?

    How much do you usually spend on a Facebook ad campaign for this purpose? Do you promote your website on the ad or just the product you are promoting?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Oscar Schult

      Hi Hannah, thanks for your comment.

      You decide how much you want to spend. Yes the price is variable but it depends mainly in the size of the audience and on the competition. I’d say that an average of $0.50 per click is what I’ve been spending with a preset maximum of $10/day which gives you some 20 clicks. Depending on the conversion of your product you might sell 2 per day.

      No. My website I promote with SEO. I work hard on that. Facebook platform is a good keyword to bring traffic to my site.

      I hope it helps.

  • envlizard

    Oscar – I have never heard of this program before! I am really interested in how much exactly I would have to be putting in everyday. I don’t want to be pay out of pocket a lot. I know that you mention $5.00 but how realistic is that? Thanks for the direct link to the main guy! Maybe my questions if I read through his page more slowly. I really did like the realistic take on earning money online. It is always nice when you at least feel like the person is not trying to BS you! Thanks for the idea, I am going to totally look into this!

    • Oscar Schult

      Thanks for your comment Envlizard. As I said, the main guy, as you call him, explains every step of the process including how to monitor and control your expenses. He is also very clear about the method. You leave the thing run for 48 hours max. If your balance is positive you keep it running if not you just kill it.

      The good thing is that you pay, not for the ad being shown, but for actual clicks of a targeted audience. No clicks no cost but you better change your audience because clicks is what you should be looking for. But I’ll let him explain it to you.

      I would be obviously grateful if you buy it following my link!

      Best wishes

  • Oscar, thanks for this goldmine of information on facebook advertising…

    I am wondering about doing this for myself too. Can you give me any tips that will help me to decide?


  • James

    Hi Oscar!

    Can you give me any tips that will help persuade me that facebook advertising is worth a shot?

    I tried $5 one time to promote a facebook fanpage I had – I got about 150 likes for it and since that time (within a year ago it was) the page has grown to over 700 LIKERS.

    It was an experiment.

    I noticed the targetting didn’t work for me…I targetted about 7 English speaking countries and the right age groups etc. but facebook only ran the thing in south africa…any advice on this?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Oscar Schult

      Hi James.

      I’m just starting to use this advertising method which I found by sheer luck at the most unlikely place. I have a very impatient nature and, believe it or not, I haven’t finished it. I just couldn’t wait to try what I was reading. There are 46 modules + resources in the platinum course and I’m listening to the 29th.

      There are 14 modules on targeting so you guessed it right, that’s the key.

      I hate to sound like selling anything, my intention is to share this resource with other marketers like me with a need for some extra cash. If you buy it from my link, I will get some cash, but he has a 60 day refund policy backed by clickbank, if you don’t recover your investment several times within the 60 days you get your money back.

      I probably sound like Shia LaBeouf, but JUST DO IT.

      Best wishes

  • Darren

    I’ve heard a lot of positive things about advertising on Facebook as compared to doing PPC on Adwords etc. Usually it’s a little cheaper per click, too. You’ve outlined the positive to Facebook advertising very well in your post. I wish I could still use Facebook Ads. My account got permanently disable (forever apparently) but FB offered no distinct reason why.

    But anyway, this is an informative post. I like the way you highlight the fact that affiliate products can be promoted this way without having to spend hours and days and weeks working on a blog.

    • Oscar Schult

      Thanks Darren.

      Actually I look at Facebook advertising as a temporary sideline. My final goal is to have my blog going, but I really needed some cash. I guess it could become a full time job, but I rather take it as a temporary second job. I’ll probably update my post on Legit Online Jobs

      Best wishes

  • Nikki

    Apologies but I cant really think of any constructive criticism. Your website is fantastic and it could not have been more informative and helpful to me personally. It has introduced a number of new methods for me to make money on my fairly new site. The only thing I can think of is that the presentation could be slightly better. Separation of paragraphs, titles and a few more images. The content however I cannot fault and it is fantastic that I didnt feel like I was being sold anything, it just felt like recommendations which is exactly what people want and need. Sorry I cant be of more help but I hope the praise is valued and would love your help and advice on how to build your methods into my site. How did you come across all these marketing methods and how did you start out?

    • Oscar Schult

      Hi Nikki. I’m 63 and I have developed a slightly cynical nature, but your comment made me blush. I can only THANK YOU for your nice and encouraging words. Please be assured that your praise is MORE than valued.

      How did I do it? I’d like to know that myself. I made a decision a few months ago and dived in without a floater and not knowing how to swim. Wealthy Affiliate community supported me and I’ll always be thankful for it.

      Why did I such a crazy thing at 63? I’d like to know that as well. I guess I got to the point where I told myself “I must change something or this is IT” Once I made up my mind there was nothing able to stop me.

      I had a couple of moments of regret, but I had only one way to go… Forward. I remembered from history when Pizarro landed in America and ordered all the ships burnt down. The only way back was to swim surrounded by sharks in the Atlantic!

      As for helping you, please be my guest!. Absolutely anything you need. If you are a Wealthy Affiliate premium member you can private message at my nickname syntesys. Or just write me to oschult@gmail.com.

      Best wishes

  • Tim

    I like the idea of Facebook advertising because of laser targeted it can be. I understand some of the downsides you mentioned like people on Facebook not liking the ads (they may see them as annoying) but I think that just goes with the territory.

    While I am mainly focussed on SEO this was certainly an interesting read and I’ll come back here to learn more form you when I do decided to kick on with Facebook.

    Nice to see you got some good results quite quickly and this is encouraging. Cheers!

    • Oscar Schult

      Hi Tim, thanks for your comment.

      I do believe focussing on SEO is the right approach for internet marketing. If you already managed to monetize your blog enough to make a living out of it or if you have another income source then you are all set for success.

      I’m only using Facebook Ads as a sideline to keep me going until my blog starts to pay off.

      Best wishes.

  • Tom

    Hi Oscar,

    For me personally it hasn’t worked to advertise through facebook. I received little to no relevant traffic to my webshop after advertising on facebook.

    It is possible that the problem was with my ad so I will surely have a look at FB traffic rush. Based on that I will find out what I did wrong and how I can do better in the future. I still need to get rid of some of my stock so I should advertise it somewhere, that’s for sure 🙂

    • Oscar Schult

      Hi Tom.

      I haven’t finished to study all the modules, but it is all about targeting just as in any other marketing method. There are well over 10 modules just on targeting which I’ve found very useful.

      Best wishes

  • achuthan

    The first impression of this website is that it is well laid out and easy to navigate around the different pages I always found the information that I was looking for.
    The content is good . The information provided is first hand and from experience.The author has good knowledge of the subject.
    The reviews are also good and this information aids in comparing the pros and cons of the different systems out there.Depending on what is suitable, it is helpful to make a learned decision.
    Ultimately, the authors decision to promote WA is also very clear giving it a good review and indicating that it is a legitimate site for developing an online business.

    • Oscar Schult

      Thanks for your comment and your very encouraging words. It takes time to build a blog and it certainly feels good when others show appreciation for your work.

      Thanks again

  • LakanDula

    Interesting post, there is no doubt that social media is becoming the NEW world (both good and bad). While billboards are becoming kind of old news, most of the real traffic today is online. I don’t have money right not or a side job to pay for any of this, so I’m going to have to pass, simple because of money reasons.

    • Oscar Schult

      Hi Lakan, thanks for your comment.

      Money is always an issue, but the “No Expenses” path won’t take you very far. If you compare the cost of starting an internet business with any other type of business you will see it is extremely cheap. Whatever strategy you use to develop your business will cost you some money.

      Best wishes

  • Anh Nguyen

    Absolutely love your honesty.

    I have not considered Facebook ads before because I’ve always feel it can come across as a little spammy and not many people would be interested in it.

    Your results were great though, so I’d consider it some more. Thanks a lot, I’d like to hear more about Martin’s course, a review would be awesome.


    • Oscar Schult

      Hi Anh, thanks for your comment.

      It’s hard to be spammy with Facebook ads mainly because it would cost you a lot of money.

      You have to target your audience and by doing so you bring the CPC down.

      About the review I’d suggest you to go to the sales page and what the video. I agree 200% with the video content.

      Best regards.

  • Oscar,
    This is a great strategy for harnessing facebook so it can make money for you, rather than facebook making money from you.

    I intend to use facebook a lot more thanks to reading this article.

    Can I ask you a question?

    have you ever heard of MOBE? what is it? some say it is a scam, some say it rocks, and some say it works okay but has too many upsells…

    What are your thoughts?

    Thanks Oscar,


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