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Affiliate Marketing

This is a form of  marketing where vendors of products and/or services – Amazon, for instance –  will pay a commission to you as their affiliate  for each customer that you take to their site and makes a purchase. They pay you because of the work you do in order to attract the potential customers. There are several ways to get this job done, but almost all of them  rely on a link provided by the vendor which will take the potential customer to vendor’s site. The link will uniquely identify you as the affiliate that did the job. It is cumulative because you can build different ways of promoting your business on the internet which will continuously add the work from one day to the next.

The way you use that link will define the different ways of affiliate marketing. If you write an email to one of your friends telling him how good a product is or design an email campaign to promote the product and you include the link in your email you would be doing Email Marketing. Or you could build a website reviewing the quality of the product adding the vendors link so that the visitors to the website are redirected to the vendor’s site.

Why is Affiliate Marketing a good choice?  Mainly because if you are ready to work,  the potential income is huge. Every day literally millions of people search the internet looking for goods and services  either for themselves or as a gift for somebody else.  The more time you invest building on those tools to drive the potential customers to the vendors, the more money you’ll cash, with one great advantage, the tool you build keeps working even while you are sleeping.

Although this might seem a bit complex job it can be learned totally free; you will literally be led by the hand, step by step at Wealthy Affiliate



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