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 Search Engine Evaluator

Working  as  a search engine evaluator  you will be rating the relevancy of  the results from a search engine – Google, for instance – when some specific keywords are searched for.

The algorithms used by search engines are quite complex and  in order to improve their performance, programmers have humans to use the search engines and rate the results. This is a highly localized job meaning that it is strictly related to geography and culture so the hiring is very selective. Besides, most of the times  it’s associated with specific projects so the contracts might be only for a short time. There are a few companies that offer positions as an Evaluator. You can follow any of the links from the list below and find a full job description and available positions.

Income potential is limited to around 12-14 US$/hour with a significant work overhead. You don’t get paid for the training hours and you must keep track of your time and be able to invoice them for your services. You do have flexible hours, but that’s about the only advantage if you compare it with normal 9 to 5 jobs.

Phone Call Reviewer

This is a very easy job to do online and as far as I know it’s only offered by Humanatic.

The job consists on listening to recorded phone calls and then report the results. Depending on the type of call, there’ll be  several options for you to select one. Like Connected – Not Connected – Left a Message – Handled by  Service Department. Obviously they expect accuracy so the same call will be handled to several reviewers in order to rate your accuracy against the average from the call.

As for the income potential,  it’s around 40US$/day but you’ll have to stay focused around 8 hours/day  to be accurate. In my case, I let my teenage stepson to work a few hours a day on it so he learns the relation time-work-money and thinks twice before asking for anything if really needs it or wants it.

Audio and Video Transcriptions

This is an option I really don’t like. You will be given a contract as a typist  and your job will be to listen to audio files or watch videos and write down what it’s said. Simple as it may sound you’ll find out that it’s far from being an easy job. You will have to listen to people with different accents, sometimes about very technical subjects which will require from you knowing the terminology for those specialties. In some cases, you’ll have to transcribe showbiz videos and required to tag what is said.  I believe this kind of job might be suited for someone that can type very fast and accurately and knows the language of a profession like medicine and, therefore,  be able to transcribe audio files for that particular specialty.

As for income potential, it’s again limited by your time. You’ll be paid by the word or by the file but in any case it will round up to some 10-15 US$/hour.

Some of the companies offering positions for transcriptions are listed below. Each one of them is a legit option but as for their terms and conditions you probably want to check it by following the links

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