Search Engine Keyword Tool

Search Engine Optimization, what’s all the noise about it?

Let me ask you just three questions to get us started.jaaxy-seo

  1. What if you could know exactly which words are internet surfers punching into google?
  2. What if you could tell the hay from the wheat and know how many websites are addressing those questions?
  3. What if you knew (or could find) the answers to the questions the other websites are not addressing?

The answer is simple, you would be making money, probably tons of it. If you could know the questions people, real people, are asking and know the answer to the fraction of those questions not being addressed in many websites and finally, if you were able to promote products related to those questions, money will flow. Yes, I’m talking about monetizing your website through affiliate marketing.

Well, that is exactly what a search engine keyword tool does, or should do. Take a look at my #1 take regarding keyword researching

Please punch in any words you like in any order you like. It won’t cost you a dime and you might be very surprised with the results.

Let’s see how Jaaxy answers to the three questions from the top.  It starts by generating  a whole lot of keyword variations based on your initial search and then reports a series of columns on those keywords.

Let me stress this, those keywords are punched in by real people in their internet browsers search engines.

  •   The “Avg” column gives you the average monthly searches that the exact keyword research.
  •   The “QSR” column gives you the Quoted Search Results the keyword has, meaning the total number of websites ranked in google for that exact keyword, meaning your competition.
  •   The “SEO” column is a computed index based on competition and searches on a base of 100. The higher the better.
  •   The “KQI” column is a fancy visual indicator with traffic light colors that give you a Go-Watch Out-Stop on the keyword.

I said I’d only ask you three questions, but please give me some slack and let me ask another one. What are you waiting for? Of course, keyword research is just one of the many things that you should master in order to be successful, but if you are a regular of my blog, you already know there is a way to learn exactly how to do it, and if not you might want to take a look at  How to Sell Affiliate Products Online.

I’d love to know how did it go with your research so please let me know in the comments below how was it for you and if you liked it.


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