What is a Keyword Tool – My personal take


Let’s Talk About Keywords First.

Before going into what is a keyword tool for,  let’s take a look at keywords in the context of document retrieval systems.  In that context a keyword is a term or expression used to describe the content of a document. Think of it as a summary of a document in one word or phrase. Or you could think of it as the spirit of a document. In the vast context of The Internet, keywords are crucial as they are used by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and the likes to find documents related with the terms entered  by people in a search query window looking for information.

Why are Keywords so Important?

When I say that the context of The Internet is VAST, I totally mean it. Take a look at this site which gives you a pretty good idea about it, WorldWideWebSize.com. We are talking about 50 Billion web pages at the moment of this writing.

From the point of view of a search engine, it would be out of the question  to start looking for those words within so many documents (web pages) at the moment they are entered in the search query window and that is why the search engines use content as a base for indexing the web pages.

From the point of view of a web page author, keywords are important because they will be used by the search engines to locate related documents and that’s why he/she should try to come up with a phrase that summarizes the content of his document making it easier for the search engines to find it.

It is very important  to be able to summarize the content of a web page in a phrase. Not so long ago, a single word was oftentimes enough to describe a document, but nowadays keywords, actually  key-phrases, are used to narrow down the content of a web page mainly because people stopped searching for words and started searching for phrases. They don’t look for “dog food” anymore, they rather look for “what is the best food for my dog?”. Think of yourself landing on this page. You probably searched for “What is a keyword tool?” As the author of this article I had to give some serious thought to the possible phrases you could punch in as a search query because I wanted to give YOU the best possible answer to your question.

How to find best Keywords for your Website or Web Page?

I’m using the following criteria to define the best keywords

  • They are related to the content, summarizing it as much as possible
  • They are being currently searched on The Internet meaning they have Traffic. You want to be sure that your Keywords have interest for the general public. You should try to find the keywords o phrases entered in the search engines related to your content and use them in your article in order to allow the search engines to index your content with those words.
  • You don’t want Competition meaning your Keywords shouldn’t being addressed by many other websites because they are your competition.  It is a matter of statistics. The less quantity of websites addressing those keywords the more chances your website will have to be found  in the first pages of the Search Engine Results Page.

So, you can see it really takes work and time to find those keywords and that is where a keyword research tool enters the game.

What is a Keyword Research Tool for?

The final goal of search engines is to render the user a list of web pages as relevant  as possible to his/her search phrase. The details of the algorithms used are totally secret and the amount of resources invested trying to reach that final goal is massive. There are  search engine evaluator  positions hired all over the world with the sole purpose of measuring and reporting the relevance of  the search results to some given keywords.

You can’t overrate the importance of selecting the right keywords for your articles if you really expect people to be able to find them. If you have an online business and want your web site to be visited you have to get sure that the search engines  show links to your content to the searching visitor. Even if you pay for advertisement you want to be sure that the words you pay for are searched by the public.

A keyword research tool does exactly that. It is a computer program designed to find out  two things.  One, which are the keywords entered by the public and two, how many web pages  have them addressed in their content. In other words Traffic and Competition. Besides a keyword research tool should be able to Suggest related keywords  helping the researcher to come up with more content ideas.

Jaaxy, a truly all in one keyword research tool.



Let’s take a look at one of the stages of my keyword research when I decided I wanted to help others understand what is a keyword  tool.  I use a couple of different Keyword Tools, but I’m starting to like Jaaxy better. It is a real time saver and an all in one research solution. The other one is a Keyword Tool I have as a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

I must say this was a lucky strike. I started by asking myself which would be the phrase to enter by anybody wanting to know what a keyword tool is. A total No-Brainer: the most probable question would be What is a Keyword Tool?. So, I entered the phrase in Jaaxy and BINGO! Jaaxy answers that my keyword has an average of 3055 monthly searches and only 29 websites addressing that exact keyword. Besides it gives me a green light (KQI) and tells me that it has a 90% potential  SEO score.

After that,  I really didn’t have to do any further research, but I couldn’t help taking a look at the list of related keywords  rendered by Jaaxy as suggestions with simultaneous evaluation.  You can see that What is a Keyword Research Tool and What is a Keyword Tool for  feature even more monthly searches with very little QSR (competition) so I made a note to consider using those keywords in my content, if you read carefully you will find  of them.

Your Comments and Suggestions are most Welcome!

If you find this content interesting in any way or if you want to add something to what is a keyword tool, please use the form below. I make a point of reviewing comments to my content every day as part of my learning process in this exciting world of Internet Blogging for a living.

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  • RachelLouise56

    Even though I know what keywords are and how they work, it was very good to read your article. I never thought about the fact that documents used to be named so simply, like “Dog Food”, but people don’t search that on Google or Bing these days. Your article is very clear and will be helpful to those who are a little foggy in their understanding of keywords. Well done!

    • Oscar Schult

      Thanks for stopping by Rachel. I was foggy myself about keywords so I decided to blog about it. I believe it was Seneca who said that “By teaching, one learns” and it’s totally true. You have to research on the subject and afterwards find the right words to tell the story. I hope the effort helps others as you said.

      Best wishes

  • I used to use Jaaxy but just couldn’t afford another monthly expense. It is the best on the market. Great review of Keyword Research. I must get better at this.

  • Matt

    I was told about Jaaxy by a co-worker of mine and it’s the only keyword tool I’ve ever used. I love how easy it is to navigate and everything you need to know is right in front of you.

    I’ve thought about looking into other keyword researching tools but not sure what’s out there. Have you ever used anything other than Jaaxy and what was your experience with those other services?

    • Oscar Schult

      Hi Matt. I bought the Market Samurai a couple of months ago. It is a great tool, still on version 0.something but does the everyday job. What I do is to research first with Market Samurai and have a first shot and then I go and verify with Jaaxy. MS is not expensive and gives you a free trial it has a domain search which I find very useful and makes quite a comprehensive competition report for your keywords. If you feel like taking a look to it please do it here Market Samurai. If you like it and buy it following that link will put a little money on my pocket. 🙂

      Best wishes

  • Adeel

    This is one of my favorite blog because you cover it will all powerful information that I have been looking for. Everyone on the affiliate marketing looking for keyword and how to get best keyword to drive high traffic and you just give us really superb information and powerful nuggets

    • Oscar Schult

      Thanks Adeel, I’m glad you like my blog and most grateful for your following. At the moment I’m working on adding traffic sources to it. I believe SEO is the main path to long-term success, but other means shouldn’t be disregarded, so I’m studying some short-term ways to drive traffic and build on them.

      Stay tuned and best wishes!!!

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